Widely known as one of Tesla’s early co-founders (pre-dating Elon) and the creator of the X1, once the fastest street legal electric car in the world, Ian Wright is a man on a mission. He has emerged as one of the leading minds of the electric transportation era and with his company, Wrightspeed, has set out to usher in a new generation of lighter, quieter, more efficient commercial fleets for urban streets. The challenge? The utter demise of conventional combustion engines.


Just as turbines radically reinvented aviation, Wrightspeed’s Route represents a new era in vehicle propulsion. Benchmarking a new efficiency and performance standard, it is repowering a new generation of lighter, quieter and more efficient vehicle fleets, while simultaneously providing virtually unlimited range and dramatically reduced fuel and maintenance costs. Part and parcel to these efforts are its Makers – Wrightspeed’s group of talented engineers, skilled artisans and creative tinkerers - that are reinventing transportation.


  • Establish range-extended EVs as a new vehicle class
  • Secure speaking opportunities at advanced technology and Tier A events to confirm Wrightspeed’s position in the market; garner awards to showcase technology
  • Develop Wrightspeed “Makers” campaign to showcase company talent, keep company morale high, and promote ongoing talent recruitment


Through a campaign focused on cementing the ROUTE powertrain as a must-have for the heavy-duty vehicle market, Wrightspeed has been featured in over 350 media features in leading business and technology publications, from Forbes and Bloomberg, to NPR and CNBC as well as key, industry trades. The company’s technology has garnered international recognition, and the company has been named a World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer and Edison Award. A leading voice for technological innovation, CEO Ian Wright has keynoted at more than 25 events and has been invited to speak on CNBC’s Nightly Business Review and Bloomberg West. All have increased web traffic by 5x, and driven new interest from over 11 investors and 15 new customers.

Wrightspeed takes flight as it scales in Alameda, CA


A team of skilled artisans, experienced engineers, and vehicle enthusiasts come together as Wrightspeed's Makers




Twitter (Over six month period)

Increased profile visits 249%

Gained 205 new followers organically

Increased engagement by 423%

Increased number of mentions on twitter by 109%

Facebook (Over six month period)

125% increase in number of 'likes' 

265% increase in shared posts

90% increase in number of comments

78% increase in number of people reached

                                                               WEBSITE AND COPY REBRAND                                                         

                                                               WEBSITE AND COPY REBRAND                                                         


Redefining the high-performance automotive industry (and the world) with powertrain technology