Fundamental shifts don't happen in a vacuum; they are predicated upon and reliant upon, other forces. It is this dynamic, back-and-forth between two collaborative forces that, together, enact radical change that undergirds the physics of rocket propulsion. Thrust is created by way of Newton's third law: "For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction." We create, thrust (F), and propel our clients forward, through the following four methods:

Strategic Messaging: Ignition (Δh) 

ΔHreaction ΔHof(products− ΔHof(reactants)

Within a rocket's combustion chamber, large amounts of endothermic energy are produced by the ignition. This initiates thrust and begins the process of lift-off. Here, our strategy and messaging ignites audiences, investors, thought leaders, and journalists. Ignition services include:

  • Audience audits
  • Messaging architecture
  • Category creation
  • Elevator pitch refinement
  • Sales team alignment
  • Intra-organizational training
  • Crisis planning and management
  • Coalition Organizing
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Content Creation: Combustion (Vc)

Vc= π/24 [6LcDc² + (Dc³-Dt³)/(tanθ)]

The process of combustion is the self-sustaining creation of thermal energy, which in our case is content. To create content is to inform the expression of our audiences, intensifying our clients launch/thrust ratio. Content services include:

  • Press releases
  • Op-eds and blogs
  • Marketing collateral
  • Email campaigns
  • Infographics
  • Films
  • Presentations
  • Website copy
  • Brand/style guides
MC2 thought leadership.png

Audience Engagement: Expression (Ve)

Ve = √ (2k/(k-1))(RTc/M)(1- (Pe/Pc)^(k-1/k)

Here, we launch. The impending velocity/success of our client's technology is engendered by the high-speed expression (or release) of the thermodynamic energy. Media campaigns are defined by the precise expression of material (media tactics from mc² energy) released to make an intended impact: media propulsion.  

  • Media campaigns
  • Analyst programs
  • Social media management
  • Communication systems and logistics
  • Influencer introductions
  • Digital & grassroots advocacy
MC2 mic.png

Thought Leadership: Propulsion (Isp)

Isp = F / qg

Thought leadership is about elevating our clients' profiles. At this point, the propulsive force of the expressed energy has created enough thrust for us to move skyward. Client progress is the continued momentum, mirroring a rocket's trajectory and the specific impulse of a rocket, which measures how efficiently a rocket's mass is thrust into space. 

  • Public affairs commentary
  • Speaker programs
  • Award programs
  • Road shows
  • Event management