Many of the biggest technology shifts in history have begun with a tiny molecule. The global transition to embrace alternatives to petroleum - one of the biggest and most challenging transitions – is no different. But, convincing the world’s largest (and most entrenched) oil, gas and chemical companies to replace the substance they’ve depended on for decades with biomass would be the turning point for a new age of clean, sustainable fuels and products.


The key to Renmatix’s ability to provide cost-competitive alternatives to petroleum lies in its technological breakthrough, supercritical hydrolysis. Leveraging its water-based platform, a new age of biorefineries for today’s fuels, plastics and consumer packaged goods, like Coca Cola’s Plantbottle® will come from agriculture waste and residues rather than from depleted oil reserves.


  • Leverage joint developments and strategic investments from BASF, Total SA, Bill Gates and others to validate technology.
  • Win coveted accolades like the EPA’s Presidential Green Chemistry Award and Bloomberg’s New Energy Pioneer Award.
  • Maintain high-level of industry commentary on political and international trends influencing the bio-industry.


Since 2008, the world’s biggest corporations, like BASF, and prolific investors like Bill Gates, have enlisted Renmatix to create a bio-based global economy. Now, with an expanding portfolio of plant-based materials, and recognition from the EPA as well as others, Renmatix has emerged as an industry enabler to make sustainable materials as ubiquitous as its petro-based incumbents for everyday products and fuels.


Establlishing Renmatix as the enabler of the shift from "Plantro" versus "Petro." 


A leading voice in the bioeconomy through award and conference outreach

Global Corporations & Investors are embracing sustainable substitutes to petroleum.  

“To effectively address climate change, we need to develop an energy infrastructure that doesn’t emit greenhouse gas and is cost competitive. Renmatix provides an innovative process that is an exciting pathway to pursue.”

— Bill Gates