Supplanting an incumbent industry that’s defined mass transportation for over a century is no easy task, but that’s exactly Proterra’s mission as it seeks to replace every fossil fuel and diesel-dependent bus in North America with its zero-emission, battery-electric buses. While the economic and environmental benefits of clean, quiet mobility are clearer and more compelling than ever before, there are still many hurdles to overcome as cities, commercial enterprises, and other institutions like airports, universities, and parks transition to infrastructure systems that support battery-electric transport.


Designed from the ground up as purpose-built, lightweight electric buses, the Proterra Catalyst boasts the highest efficiency rating in the transit market and has demonstrated exceptional performance across a wide variety of North American terrains. More than this, they cost significantly less to maintain and operate than diesel, diesel-hybrid, and CNG over a bus’ expected 12-year lifespan. With this dollars-and-cents argument combined with the buses’ state-of-the-art performance, Proterra has established itself as a major player in the transit industry, winning over 5% of new bus sales in 2016.


  • Launched “Death to Diesel” campaign to encourage transit agencies across the U.S. that electric city buses are simply better than diesel buses.
  • Curated extensive product launch campaign around the Catalyst E2 bus series, showcasing the technology as the only one-for-one diesel replacement in the transit market.
  • Secured speaking opportunities at clean transportation, smart city, and next-gen tech events across the country


In 2016 alone, Proterra was featured in over 350 articles in both trade and top-tier publications ranging from the Wall Street Journal to Fortune, Forbes and Bloomberg. CEO Ryan Popple was also cemented as a highly sought-after thought leader in Silicon Valley and beyond, appearing on television programs like Bloomberg TV as well as industry-spanning events like the American Public Transit Association Annual Conference and SXSW Eco. The company also had an oversubscribed Series 5 equity financing round, raising more than double what it had set out to secure and capping the round at $140M.

Mass transportation is primed to be the first transportation category to go 100% electric, and Proterra is leading the charge to make this future a reality today.



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One of the biggest challenges we face at Proterra is changing long-held perceptions that slow our transition to a clean transportation future, but the mc² team have been instrumental in helping us make that vision a reality.
— Ryan Popple, CEO, Proterra