Holding billions in untapped payback value, the international energy efficiency sector remains a high-potential yet largely underutilized market. For this market to finally reach its full potential, infrastructure must be scaled to serve the largest part of the sector —small to mid-sized commercial buildings, which represent a staggering 97.5 percent of all efficiency application opportunities. What has historically left this market segment hung out to dry is the lack smart meters and data standards for energy efficiency, thus resulting in near to non-existent investment. To address the industry’s Achilles heel, Joule Assets developed a suite of performance-based financing solutions that capitalize on energy innovation, sustainability, and regulatory policy in the U.S. and Europe.


Through a combination of market intelligence, project expertise and novel financing solutions for energy efficiency and demand management initiatives, Joule Assets generates and integrates new value and revenue streams for its portfolio. More than this, Joule has been instrumental in the formation and proliferation of Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) programs, which empower consumers to collectively purchase more sustainable energy resources. Intent on changing the energy consumption paradigm, Joule’s commitment to communities, investors, and businesses alike is part and parcel to the company’s overarching mission to enhance, improve, and catalyze the energy efficiency markets in the U.S. and abroad.


  • Launched Joule’s first-in-kind Energy Reduction Assets (ERA) Fund in the U.S. and the EU, enabling institutional investors to participate in demand response and energy efficiency revenue streams

  • Orchestrated widespread media campaign to showcase Joule’s leadership in New York energy innovation projects under Governor Cuomo’s Reforming the Energy Vision (REV) initiative

  • Bolstered international brand recognition for Joule to promote a variety of energy efficiency financing initiatives, including the Sustainable Energy Asset Framework (SEAF) and Smart City EIS Fund

  • Cemented CEO Mike Gordon as a sought-after thought leader on topics ranging from smart cities to energy efficiency financing and the distributed grid.


  • For its efforts in both Europe and the U.S., Joule has been featured in over 200 articles, appearing in publications ranging from the Wall Street Journal to Bloomberg, Politico, and Fast Company.

  • As a result of the grassroots community energy campaign, Joule’s CCA model is being heralded as the flagship initiative under Gov. Cuomo’s REV, and a number of other communities are adopting this blueprint to increase local efficiency and clean energy.

  • Frequently contributing commentary to top-tier outlets like The Hill, Joule executives, on both sides of the Atlantic, have become trusted industry voices, attending and speaking at over 50 different events including the New York Times’ Energy for Tomorrow conference, Greentech Media’s NY REV Future, and Cleantech Forum Europe.

ERA Fund Energy targets underserved SME sector



Investors on both sides of the Atlantic are realizing high-yield, low-risk investment options in energy efficiency and demand response markets

At events, in meetings with investors, and discussions with potential customers I keep hearing, ‘I see you guys everywhere.’ Thanks to mc²’s sector expertise, we’re consistently reaching the audiences that matter most.”
— Mike Gordon, CEO & Founder, Joule Assets