On the heels of back-to-back bankruptcies of two proprietary electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions, the industry reeled from the infrastructure investment setback. Challenges persist: low market penetration, industry fragmentation, and an inadequate amount of fast charging to meet demand. In a market with competing business models, Greenlots worked to combat early electric vehicle market misconceptions and galvanize support for open standards. With the mission of sustainably scaling necessary charging infrastructure, Greenlots has been a global pioneer of the open model approach, which utilities have also embraced.


EVs represent a new breed of smart devices, capable of using electricity from different points on the grid as well as a source of generation, storage and thus called upon to balance the grid. Greenlots is capitalizing on this inherent connectivity of EVs to provide a network of EV charging stations that are future-proof, and will not succumb to fluctuating demand. Greenlots provides a platform for site hosts providing workplace and public charging applications a method of communication with utilities in order to work together on demand response programs, thus empowering and incentivizing EV users and providers at all levels.


  • Erode misconceptions that proprietary networks are a better investment, by seeding open standards story and magnifying stakeholder buy-in.
  • Position Greenlots as authority on electric vehicle grid integration (VGI), highlighting commercial pilots and results.
  • Secure steady thought leadership opportunities at strategic industry events for executives in transportation and energy.


With one-third of the fast charging market, Greenlots has risen as a critical player in the EV infrastructure and grid management ecosystem, tackling market challenges to accelerate electric vehicle adoption. Since beginning work with Greenlots, the company has also quadrupled in size, serves 13 international markets, and has secured a number of blue-chip multinational partners. As a result of ongoing campaigns and thought leadership strategy, Greenlots has spoken at over 60 conferences, won three industry awards, published four bylines, and been featured in over 300 articles, supporting a successful Series B fundraise, and influential utility partnerships.

LAPD Goes Green with 100 BMW i3s & 500 Greenlots EV Chargers



Investor owned utilities and leading EV charging providers embrace open model approach.

Brett Hauser headshot.jpg
The mc² team has been a trusted ally for Greenlots for many years, and we are grateful to have their counsel as we expand EV charging markets worldwide.”
— Brett Hauser, CEO, Greenlots