The multi-year drought in the Western United States put a spotlight on the urgent need for water conservation, however municipalities were thoroughly challenged to incentivize decreasing consumption, because most of the industry was stuck in an inefficient snail mail system without smart meters and timely analysis. Access to water usage data was limited to the quarterly water bill, and water rates remained relatively affordable as precious freshwater resources dwindled at an alarming rate. For a time, water usage actually increased during the drought in spite of the governor's call to reduce consumption by 20%.  



In the midst of California's worst drought in decades, Dropcountr, a provider of digital water conservation solutions introduced its utility and consumer platform, which provides web and mobile app access to monitor water consumption. Unlike traditional paper usage reports, which provide utility customers with a three month-old view of past water consumption, Dropcountr's digital platform provides instant access to daily water usage data as well as preventative and actionable push-based alerts that warn customers before they hit peak water usage and/or experience costly water leaks. 


  • Cut through noise and established brand equity at national and local levels with watertech incumbents.
  • Positioned utility customers as the heroes and piggybacked off of the daily drought coverage
  • Launched "Utility Poke" campaign, and empowered residents to download Dropcountr and request service from their local utility.
  • Trumpeted early customer wins, new users, and water efficiency savings regularly


By generating a steady stream of national and local press through our "Utility Poke" campaign, Dropcountr quickly became high in demand. Local residents and municipal water utility leadership turned to Dropcountr as the sophisticated solution to drive behavioral water efficiency. As result of the campaign, mc2 secured over 20 press features in Forbes, The Guardian, CNN, NBC, Fast Company and others, as well as elevated the voice of Dropcountr Founder & CEO, Robb Barnitt.  



Driving behavioral water conservation and Dropcountr adoption

We’re operating in an new era of accessible, actionable data on natural resources—and an increasing number of consumers are acting upon that data. We’ve seen clear and positive results of what happens when you provide energy customers the digital tools and access they need to monitor and control their energy consumption. What we’re doing at Dropcountr is providing that same level of access for water. We are firm believers in behavioral-based conservation and in that framework, paper is losing the battle to device and web-based presentation.”
— Robb Barnitt, CEO of Dropcountr