With multi-year droughts rattling water markets and testing the resilience of growers and industrial water users alike, long term planning is challenging businesses that rely heavily on diminishing freshwater resources. Additional constraints like wastewater treatment rate increases year-over-year, and other growing operational expenses like transporting industrial waste can hamstring operations. In answer to these mounting issues, Cambrian Innovation has designed and commercialized a distributed wastewater treatment system, the EcoVolt, for craft breweries and wineries to treat and reclaim water onsite, recouping the investment in less than three years.


Napa Valley, a place known for its world-class wineries, is joining Sonoma County as a hotbed of water innovation. On the heels of securing Lagunitas, Russian River Brewing Co., Bear Republic, and others, Cambrian Innovation has signed another significant deal with critically acclaimed Napa wine producer, Rombauer Vineyards, representative of the growing demand for sustainable wastewater systems. Between Cambrian’s initial commercial success, its innovative technology and its novel water-energy purchase agreement (WEPA), the company is poised to help water intensive industries create a resourceful future, while seizing the global multi-billion dollar wastewater treatment market.


  • Curate launch to support Cambrian’s novel water-energy purchase agreement (WEPA)
  • Leveraged Cambrian’s early traction in the beverage industry to attract new markets verticals
  • Generated a steady drumbeat of positive press to position Cambrian as a proven industry leader



In three short months, we developed a media campaign to support the rollout of Cambrian’s first WEPA with Lagunitas Brewing Company that positioned Cambrian’s novel service as the solution to combat water market volatility. As a result, Cambrian garnered attention in national, local and trade press, and was featured in over 20 publications illustrating the company’s unique offering. 

Taking a page from the success of the solar PPA, Cambrian has introduced its water-energy purchase agreement (WEPA) to help major industry players secure a resourceful water and energy future.



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