Used electronics are the fastest growing waste stream in the world, and the export of e-waste has become an international humanitarian nightmare. In 2012, the UN reported that roughly 50 million tons of electronic waste was generated globally, and that volume continues to grow. Still, a limited number of smelters exist around the world that are capable of extracting and refining precious metals from electronic waste. Furthermore, these facilities were not designed to process e-waste, so sustainable processing remains largely inefficient and very limited.   


U.S. consumers are estimated to dispose of 3.2 million tons of e-waste annually and more than 80% ends up in the trash, so the opportunity for recycling is huge. In response, BlueOak Resources was founded to resolve e-waste disposal issues domestically. As the first U.S. based company to tackle electronic waste with its refinery in Osceola, Arkansas, BlueOak is proving that responsible "urban mining" can be a fraction of the cost to produce the same amount of gold instead of mining for virgin ore in conflict zones. The company enables circular supply chain integration and is capable of processing 15 million lbs of scrap per year, which will expand in the company years.



  • Introduced BlueOak Resources first U.S. facility in Osceola, Arkansas.
  • Supported grand opening event with BlueOak executives, former Vice President Al Gore, and other stakeholders with national media campaign.  
  • Provided counsel on talking points, media strategy, and public relations content.


Recognized as a pioneer in electronic waste recycling, BlueOak has become an established voice on the importance of circular supply chains and has catalyzed a new economy for the fastest growing waste stream. During this campaign, mc² was able to secure top national media in nearly 20 publications.

Turning technology trash into treasure



Catalyzing the urban mining movement in the United States for a circular economy